Robert B. Goldstein

Senior Executive Advisor

Bob Goldstein is a banking and finance professional who has served in numerous executive and key leadership roles during his extensive 50-year career.

Bob has been CEO, Chairman and director of over 20 financial institutions in 11 states capitalizing on his expertise in risk management and governance to improve profitability and regulatory compliance. A widely recognized turnaround specialist, Bob creates shareholder value by helping troubled financial institutions of all sizes mitigate underperformance and by restructuring marginally profitable companies across the country. For his work, he draws on a team of highly experienced bankers with expertise in risk management, asset quality administration, audit, finance, operations, human resources and marketing.

Bob’s experience includes engagements in commercial banking, savings banks and other financial institutions. Between 2008 and 2018, he was a Founding Principal of CapGen Financial, a $500 million investment fund whose mission was to invest in domestic banks which had the potential for value appreciation. In this capacity, he served on the boards of five banks steering them toward more profitability and ultimately a realization of increased value. At the conclusion of this ten-year fund, Bob became a member of several boards of directors, including Cypress Bank & Trust Co. and a factoring company in Florida, an equipment leasing company in Utah, and a fintech company in Arizona. He is also chairman of the Advisory Board of a banking services company in Alabama.

Institutional and private equity investors have relied on Bob’s expertise to inject substantial cash infusions into companies in need of additional liquidity and growth. Having been involved with these investors in eleven states, he worked with bankers, regulators, financial analysts and others across the country, giving him experience in nearly every market nationwide. In each of these, his risk administration and governance has been paramount. Bob has been recognized by Wall Street analysts, banking regulators and investment bankers for his work in reviving troubled or failing institutions. Among other honors, he was named “Businessperson of the Year” in New Haven, CT after successfully saving a Connecticut bank from almost certain failure.

Bob received his degree from Texas Christian University and was a Merit Scholar and Honor Student at the University of Texas. Additionally, he served for years on the faculty of the Southwestern Graduate School of Banking at Southern Methodist University.