Mitchell L. Glassman

Senior Executive Advisor

Mitchell Glassman has over 40 years of leadership experience in commercial banking, financial services, and business management.

Mitchell Glassman is a strategic regulatory and financial advisor who served in the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)’s Division of Resolutions for 40 years, heading the Division for his last ten years at the FDIC.  He provided leadership over the management and staffing to handle complex portfolios of more than $45 billion in assets, subsidiaries, and $176 billion in structured transactions.

Mitchell advised the FDIC Board of Directors and Chairman on all substantive receivership matters and served on high-level decision—making and policy-setting committees. During his tenure as Director, he led the FDIC’s successful efforts to resolve hundreds of failed financial institutions, including the resolution of the largest U.S. bank insolvencies in history.

Mitchell left the FDIC in 2011 to join as a Director at Deloitte Consulting, LLC. In his client work at Deloitte, Mitchell had a dual focus. First, he is focused on helping financial institutions and government clients — both in the U.S. and globally — build and/or modernize their technology infrastructure. Second, his longstanding senior leadership role at the FDIC enables him to strategize with financial services clients globally around what to expect and what must be accomplished as the Dodd-Frank Act’s rules continued to unfold. He has extensive knowledge of strategic planning, leadership development, execution, and program management.

Among other career highlights, Mitchell directed the FDIC’s Y2K Failed Financial Institution Contingency Planning Task Force, which created comprehensive testing and training to deal with potential institution failures resulting from Y2K. He also served as dean of FDIC’s College of Leadership Development and created a progressive FDIC-wide leadership-training program for the development of future executives.

Mitchell successfully led multiple projects including the development of an award-winning e-commerce web-based marketing and claims system, technical advisory services on international bank rehabilitations for the State Department, and development of major quality management programs. He has also provided testimony during Congressional hearings and given keynote speeches at international regulatory symposiums. Mitchell has been interviewed by NBC’s “Today Show,” CBS’s “60 Minutes,” and Public Broadcast Radio, as well as quoted in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and Bloomberg News.