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Jim Watkins speaks to Straight Arrow News “Market on Close” on the Banking Industry

March 7, 2024

Secura/Isaac Group President Jim Watkins joined Straight Arrow News to give his perspective on the banking industry, one year on from 2023’s banking crisis.

Answering the question of what banks can do today to lower their exposure to risk, Mr. Watkins said:

I think banks need to get their arm around what exactly is their exposure. When are the leases due? How is the cash flow? What are the stresses that could happen there? How vulnerable are their customers to reductions in rental rates?

And in most cases, we would expect the bank to already have a lot of this information. But if they don’t, they need to update their records, they need to be able to identify where the properties are located, what the underlying cash flow systems are of the properties, and get updated appraisals as needed.

Read or watch the full interview here.