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In Memoriam: Roger Goldman

July 5, 2024

We are deeply saddened to learn that our dear colleague, Roger Goldman, suddenly passed away on July 1. Roger helped us launch Secura/Isaac Group and brought energy and encouragement to everything and everyone he touched. He had a highly successful and acclaimed banking career helping to turn around numerous banks and lift businesses out of problems. His loss will be felt profoundly by all who knew him. His family is in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

Roger’s illustrious, 45-year career as a CEO, board member and executive advisor included serving a 16-year tenure as Chairman of the Executive Committee of American Express National Bank. Earlier in his career, he served as CEO of a troubled California community bank, which he recapitalized and returned to profitability. In 1990, at the request of regulators, he joined a $12 billion savings bank on the cusp of failure, where he was responsible for the workout of troubled real estate and a large retail and middle-market portfolio. He then joined NatWest Bancorp, at that time the 15th largest bank in the US, as Executive Vice President.

Roger also served as Chairman of the Board and Chairman Emeritus for Lighthouse International, a charitable organization dedicated to vision rehabilitation, and as Chairman of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the leading global organization funding type 1 diabetes research. He was a loving husband to Fern Portnoy, father to Jodi, Cindi, Jake, and Ben, and grandfather to Max, Leo, and Noah. He will be missed dearly by the entire team at Secura/Isaac Group.

His full obituary can be read here.

Remarks from Robert Goldstein, Secura/Isaac Senior Executive Advisor

We all lost a giant of a man from our lives, and he cannot be replaced. His life filled all of us with fun, excitement and happiness. For the last several years, Roger and I have spoken almost every day by phone, text or otherwise Roger said it’s too bad that we don’t have smoke signals, so we could be sure not miss a day

He was my great friend, partner, and confidant. We worked together on a number of businesses and he never missed an opportunity to bring up something new and creative. He had the most incredible mind and he was the strongest person I’ve ever known.

Just wanted to share a story… When Roger and I were working together on a bank in Florida, we had cleaned up the bank, but the business was sort of floundering. One day Roger called a meeting of management. When the doors to the meeting room flew open, Roger and his band of volunteers had somehow arranged for a popcorn machine, balloons, candy machines, and all sorts of paraphernalia with the bank’s logo, including gifts, etc. — he even played an old movie — 12 o’clock high with Gregory Peck. The movie was filled with camaraderie and emotion which Roger wanted to bring to the bank officers. It turned out this was a big motivational meeting for the management of the bank. He split everybody into groups and got them thinking about leadership and motivational lessons from the movie. This spearheaded a whole campaign at the bank, which fired everybody up and resulted in a complete change of culture and ultimately improved the bottom line significantly. This is just one example of the unique, creative vibrant person that Roger was.

We have lost a marvelous human being, but he will be in our hearts and remind us to carry on and make the best out of life. He will leave an indelible memory in my mind and heart and mind of the people who knew and loved him.

God speed Roger. I love you.